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SDMC launched next generation of XMediaTV OTT TV Solutions

Professional OTT end-to-end solutions provider- SDMC technology has launched a new generation of XMediaTV video business integrated ecosystem solutions for OTT TV operators. The scheme can help operators quickly build their own OTT video business operation ecosystem platform to realize the upgrade of their business model.

XMediaTV OTT TV integrated ecosystem solutions include three major parts: the basic OTT service operation platform, the OTT service operation and maintenance platform and the OTT value-added service platform. The above three aspects build a complete OTT service operation ecology for the operators and help them have strong ability to continuously profit.

The OTT service operation platform not only supports pure OTT Internet TV service, but also supports the hybrid model of OTT+ DVB. As well supports "One Cloud Multi-Screen" business presentation of Android TV clients and various iOS and Android mobile terminal devices.It also launched a unique operational TV v…

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